Neue Mechanicum Einheiten

Kurz und Bündig.

Neues von Forgeworld für das Mechanicum. Die Mechanicum Myrmidon Destructors. Myrmadon-destructorsmainMyrmadon-destructors4via Forgeworld from Newletter 389
The Myrmidon Destructors form a heavily armed and augmented sub-sect of the Mechanicum priesthood. They craft their augmetics to carry the heaviest of weapons, often only rendered portable owing to their reinforced endoskeletons and implanted power systems. These augmentations enable the Myrmidon Destructors to maintain a furious barrage on the battlefield and to do so with a precision and skill unequalled. They specialise particularly in the destruction of enemy armoured and fortified emplacements, and wield all manner of esoteric and arcane weapons, against which conventional defences offer little protection.  

The Mechanicum Myrmidon Destructors set contains three resin models and is available to order now for immediate release.

Full rules for these models, designed by Mark Bedford, can be found in The Horus Heresy book 2; Massacre.

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